Friday, July 15, 2016

GippsTech wrap-up

Enjoyed the lectures at GippsTech this year.  Enjoyed the drive down and back, managed to work a few SOTA stations on 40metres, whilst mobile. Met new people and caught up with old acquaintances. This year was interesting in terms of 3.4 GHz as several attendees brought their completed 3.4 Ghz panels, so we did some carpark tune-ups and then headed in different directions  to make some  contacts on 3398.200 Mhz. Lou VK3ALB, Matt VK3PP, Bernard VK3AV, Mark VK5AVQ, Gary VK2KYP, Dave VK2JDS and myself all had operational panels, plus several others with non completed panels were there to see these panels in operation, which in turn inspired them to get their panels completed. Tim VK5ZT gave a lecture on modifications for these panels so there some new alternative methods for modifying these down to 3.4 GHz and some added features to enhance the panels functionality. Next year we bring  gear to run on other microwave bands to have an even bigger activation.

here is extract off VKlogger showing some of the contacts:

here is Mark VK5AVQ and Dave VK2JDS at "The Ridge" in Morwell (QF31ER) we did some receive signal comparison testing of our panels using the VK3RGI  beacon some 30km away on 3400.434 MHz

Bernard VK3AV setting up his panel below at Federation University in Churchill (QF31FQ)

Dave VK2JDS and his panel

Lou VK3ALB and Matt VK3PP setup their panels

Mark VK5AVQ setting up his panel

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