Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3.4 GHz (9cm) Activity Day, 25th April 2016 - post mortem

A good day with good weather and high visibility made for good microwave activity,  I went to location just east of Lithgow, (33.4859 S, 150.1886 E QF56CM at 1141m ASL, along with Dom VK2JNA and Geoff VK2AVR.   We  first worked Justin VK2CU/p at Mt Lambie (33.4716 S, 149.9881 E, QF46XM at distance of 21km bearing 272deg,  60/9 signal on FM on 3400.1 MHz.

Then we tried to work Kim VK2ASY/p at the Pinnacle Lookout, (33.3437 S, 149.0289 E, QF46MP, south west of Orange and near to Mt Canobolis, at height of about 1150m ASL bearing 277deg, a distance to us of 108km, but unsuccessful in receiving Kim or Kim receiving us.   Kim did receive Justin VK2CU over at Mt Lambie, a distance of about  87km between them.  Might have been a power output problem for Kim's transmitter.

Then we made contact with Matt VK2DAG/p and Dave VK2JDS/p at Gowan (33.1468 S, 149.3541 E, QF46QU at 1000m ASL bearing 296deg and distance of 85km, successfully working both at signal of 50 on USB, on 3400.1 MHz, with fair bit of QSB,

All stations using the GARC 3.4 GHz panels, except for Justin who had a 3.4 Ghz panel plus a 3.4 Ghz  Minikits xvter, but it was not working too well on TX.

Contacts made between 0400 utc to 0500 utc

3.4 GHz panel with FT-817ND aimed at Justin VK2CU at Mt Lambie QF46XM

Geoff VK2AVR and Dom VK2JNA  portable at QF56CM   1141m ASL very pleased  to make some 3.4 GHz contacts.

Dom VK2JNA and Geoff VK2AVR  portable  at QF56CM  1141m ASL

3.4 GHz panel with FT-817ND aimed at VK2DAG and VK2JDS portable Gowan QF46QU

We running 2w from the FT-817ND into the transverter panel, an IF of 444.1 MHz   =  3400.1 MHz tp produce  less than 1w output.

Dom and Geoff continued the afternoon by perusing some more potential microwave sites, next time we we do a microwave day we  will bring 1.2 GHz  and 10 GHz gear.

I looked at a location on the way back towards Bell, along Chifley Road, at QF56DM, (33.4941 S, 150.2675 E, 1130m ASL)  a good clear, high spot that would give takeoff back to Somersby (Central Coast through Newcastle) so we could work Gary VK2KYP from here.

Friday, April 22, 2016

3.4 GHz (9cm) band Activity Day Monday 25th April

another 9cm (3.4Ghz) Microwave Activity day happening again, this time on Anzac Day, Monday 25th April, aimed to create activity on the 9cm microwave band.
We planning to operate from the NSW Central West,  i.e Lithgow-Bathurst-Orange area.

Friday, April 8, 2016

next 23 on 23 microwave activity day - Saturday 23rd April 2016

Saturday April 23rd will see the next 23-on-23 for 2016. 

As has been the past practice, where the 23rd falls on a weekend the events operating time have been shifted from the evening to a day-time activation event. This has also allowed operators to take full advantage of the time, and head for the hills to trial their /P stations, investigate new paths and hopefully complete a contact with a new station (or more) that they wouldn't normally from their home station. It also provides an opportunity to activate other uWave bands. 

A suggested schedule: 
2:00pm (04:00z) - 03:00pm (05:00z) 23cm SSB/CW only 
3:00pm (05:00z) - 5:00pm (07:00z) 13cm and other uWave bands 

Liaison - 
147.000 Repeater (if the RDRC would again be happy with that) 
40m - 7.150MHz (is that still the recommended QRG?) 
Mobile/cell phone 
VKLogger iChat '23&Above' 

As a number of 23cm operators do not participate in the VKLogger or Facebook forums, please let those who may be interested know by taking a moment to share the plans with them. 

However to allow others to plan their participation, could you please advise your interest, availability and any suggested enhancements to the schedule in the VKLogger thread.