Tuesday, May 2, 2017

RF site testing at QF46qu on Easter Sunday, 16th April, 2017

Doing some site testing at a friend's farm at QF46qu at Gowan, north west of Bathurst NSW.
my GPS estimated 950m ASL mostly cleared, with almost 360degress of clear horizon, good for playing radio. As it was Sunday morning I made use of the fact that the WIA morning broadcast was one reason to listen for it on various known frequencies including 2metres, 70cm and 6metres.

I could hear 146.775 Newcastle, 146.725 Somersby, 146.850 Maddens Plains, 146.975 Knights Hill,  53.650 Maddens Plains, 146.950 Mt Ginini.   Could not hear anything from Dural. This was using quad band radio (TYT TH-9800) and quad band vertical from the vehicle. Should be much easier with some yagis up a mast.

Looks to be excellent site to run microwave equipment from (23cm and upwards).

 a little bit of trees to north east,
 looking to north coast & mid north coast NSW, all clear.
 looking to Newcastle through Sydney, all clear
Looking back to Bathurst
 Looking to south and VK1
Looking to VK3 & VK5 all clear.
Looking west, a couple trees
Facing to north west, highest point where these pine trees are.
 Looking north, a few sparse trees, but nothing Roundup or a chainsaw can't fix
Good flat area, for parking, camping, whatever.

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