Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Field Portable QF46pu Gowan NSW

For Easter weekend, April 2017, was visiting QF46pu, to get on 2m,70cm, and 23cm AE nets in the mornings. Did some testing on 23cm gridpacks and dish against the Dural beacon 1296.420. Did not hear any other 23cm beacons.
 This is small gridpack looking back towards Newcastle.

 This is a larger gridpack, certainly slightly better than the small gridpack
 IC-910H was hooked up to 2m yagi, 70cm yagi and 23cm  running from solar panels and batteries
 The 3metre diameter mesh dish with 23cm feed, aimed towards north coast NSW
 Smaller gridpack aimed at Sydney Dural 23cm beacon (approx 180km)
Looking towards Melbourne in the gap between trees
 Looking toward VK1, worked VK1KW and VK1DJA on 2m SSB
 2metre and 70cm yagis

I took 3.4Ghz and 10GHz  but did not get time to flash it up.

Best activity was working Compton VK2HRX who was SOTA portable up the Warrumbungles, worked him on 2m SSB, 70cm SSB and 1294.000 FM

Aiming to the right of the big tree to work Compton VK2HRX/p at QF48mr SOTA spot CCW001 a distance of 209km, not bad on 1294 MHz FM as Compton was using a 1w handheld.
and screenshot from VKLogger

For next time,  remember take my portable generator.

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