Tuesday, June 21, 2016

compiling WSPR and WSJT for Linux and Windows

I have been out of the loop for compiling my own  packages of WSPR and WSJT for a couple years now due to other family and work commitments.  Now I am getting settled again and getting back to it.

Having a recent look at the WSJT home page shows me that there have been some changes since the changeover to QT4 IDE suite, now there is a fully bundled SDK, called JTSDK 2.0 which includes  QT5 and other required tools and libraries, to make a standardised full development kit,  available  for both Windows and Linux platforms.

This is a major step forward in making it easy for Hams to be able to compile WSJT and WSPR against their own desired Linux O/S platform.  I had found it very time consuming  having to debug and compile over and over for each Linux O/S that I wanted to try this on and then do it all over again when I did an update to the particular Linux O/S, whether it be Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu or Centos O/S's.

Here is the link to the WSJT Development page which describes the JTSDK 1.0,


which references the replacement by JTSDK 2.0 which is here on Sourceforge site


Congratulations to Joe Taylor and the  JT Development teams for the ongoing development  and providing this SDK.

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