Friday, April 8, 2016

next 23 on 23 microwave activity day - Saturday 23rd April 2016

Saturday April 23rd will see the next 23-on-23 for 2016. 

As has been the past practice, where the 23rd falls on a weekend the events operating time have been shifted from the evening to a day-time activation event. This has also allowed operators to take full advantage of the time, and head for the hills to trial their /P stations, investigate new paths and hopefully complete a contact with a new station (or more) that they wouldn't normally from their home station. It also provides an opportunity to activate other uWave bands. 

A suggested schedule: 
2:00pm (04:00z) - 03:00pm (05:00z) 23cm SSB/CW only 
3:00pm (05:00z) - 5:00pm (07:00z) 13cm and other uWave bands 

Liaison - 
147.000 Repeater (if the RDRC would again be happy with that) 
40m - 7.150MHz (is that still the recommended QRG?) 
Mobile/cell phone 
VKLogger iChat '23&Above' 

As a number of 23cm operators do not participate in the VKLogger or Facebook forums, please let those who may be interested know by taking a moment to share the plans with them. 

However to allow others to plan their participation, could you please advise your interest, availability and any suggested enhancements to the schedule in the VKLogger thread.

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