Sunday, February 21, 2016

3.4 GHz QSO Party post mortem

we had 9 portable ops on 3.4 Ghz (9cm band) across the Sydney basin / Central Coast region today, there was Dave VK2JDS at Kurrajong Heights, Justin VK2CU and Roger Harrison VK2ZRH at Parramatta, Nick VK2FS + Geoff VK2AVR operating the Manly-Warringah Radio Society club station VK2MB at Terrey Hills, and Matt VK2DAG and Gary Beech VK2KYP and Steve VK2XDE  at Mangrove Mountain.. 

It was also good to see a contingency of ZL's operatoring on 3.4 GHz joining in on the day, ZL1TPH, ZL1SWW, ZL1AVZ, ZL1TBG working amongst themselves.

Of course there were several active ops from Geelong ARC and nearby, VK3WRE, VK3ALB, VK3ACG, VK3PY, VK3AKK, VK3BQJ.
As for my contacts, Ioperated from the old Army Artilley School at North Head (QF56pe),  I worked Dave VK2JDS on FM, USB and PSK31, then VK2MB on FM. Attempts were made to work VK2CU and VK2ZRH at Parramatta and Matt VK2DAG at Mangrove Mountain but unsuccessful.  My longest contact was with Dave VK2JDS at 69km

Dave VK2JDS  was able to work VK2MB, then VK2 CU and VK2ZRH at Parramatta, then VK2DAG, VK2KYP and VK2XDE at Mangrove Mountain..

Next, will  plan to do 23cm and 3cm portable.

Friday, February 19, 2016

3.4 Ghz QSO party

this coming Sunday 21st February, (from 10am to 12noon AEDST) is the inaugural  3.4 GHz QSO party,  an idea from the Geelong ARC to promote activity on the 3.4 GHz (9cm) band, based on the recent source of ex-commercial  surplused panels which have been modified to 3.4 GHz.

There will be a group in Geelong area, some more in VK5 and a group in Sydney basin to try and make as many contacts as possible.   In Sydney we have VK2JDS coming down from Bathurst to operate from Kurrajong Heights, matt VK2DAG and Gary VK2KYP up Central Coast,  Nick VK2FS, Geoff VK2AVR operating from Terrey Hills  and I to operate from North Head.

Not sure if the Brisbane microwave guys have got their  panels converted and operational yet.

For those interested in gettng onto 3.4GHz the Geelong ARC now have some more panels for sale, see
Geelong ARC 3.4 GHz Project