Wednesday, October 7, 2015

23cm EME portable activity - 2nd October 2015

VK2KFJ/p long weekend 23cm EME activity, all on JT65C, using 5 metre dish and 120w from QF46
2nd Oct 2015, 2205 utc, PA3CQE, Frans, JO21 Nederlands, -11dB 1296.064, Az 303deg, El 14deg, Doppler -770Hz
2nd Oct 2015, 2211 utc, VK5FA, Andy, QF95mm, -26dB, 1296.070, Az 301deg El 12.5deg, Doppler -3kHz
2nd Oct 2015, 2225 utc, UA9YLU,Victor, MO92hx, -13dB 1296.070, Az 300deg, El 10.6deg, Doppler -1.8khz

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