Wednesday, August 7, 2013

23cm FM activity

the Chatswood 23cm FM repeater on 1273.200 / 1293.200 has had a facelift last week with addition of a 20dB gain receive pre-amp, and has it made a huge difference, I can now get into it with just 1w and same for many other people across Sydney basin.  I heard a comment that 40+ people have been heard using this repeater recently, so this mkaes it very promising for increased microwave activity in the Sydney, well done to the guys that did this project.

Also noted listening to the VK2AWX re-broadcast of the WIA news from Hunter  region that they are now doing a test re-broadcast on 1294.000 FM simplex on Monday nights starting at 7.30pm.   I need to take the gear mobile to find a location with northerly aspect to see if I can hear the 1294.000 signal.  Presumably, places like Dobroyd Park (Balgowlah Heights)  or North Head (east Manly), or Queenscliff headland, or Dee Why headland  and Long Reef headland  to provide clear path up the coast to Newcastle.

I need to finish the 90cm dish with tripod and Double-Quad feed antenna, make it so it can be easily assembled and disassembled for relocation using a car to portable locations.

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