Wednesday, July 10, 2013


currently playing with WSPR and WSJT,  just getting the hang of setting it up and trying to decode some signals,  joined the WSPR 2m group on Facebook, as my primary interest is weak signal activity on 2metre band. Need to make up the TX interface. Also dabbling with the Linux version of WSJT, have not compiled up a Linux version of WSPR yet, so presently running WSPR 2.0 on an old Win XP PC.

The idea is to run WSPR from home at times when I can't spend time in front of the radios, and WSJT for the times I can and when there is other WSJT activity, which would most likely be in summer E's and trop season. The idea of 6metre WSPR also interests me, but this will be low on the priority list for now.

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