Tuesday, September 4, 2012

upcoming activities

Building a APRS digi to go out at the farm, a TinyTrak4 for 145.175 MHz, this should provide good coverage for Hill End area and back towards Bathurst, hopefully complete by end of October.

Visiting the farm for October long weekend, will do some terrestrial DX for VHF, UHF & SHF

Seriously thinking about installing a 70cm rptr for the farm too, to fill in those dead spots around Hill End, Turon Rriver, Macquarie River,  Bridal Track, much the same coverage as the  APRS digi will provide. Except using a binary array for the 70cm, a little more gain, it should provide coverage up to Coonabarabran, maybe Dubbo. This idea has been on and off for probably 15 yrs now, but put it back on the drawing board recently due to lack of coverage from other local rptrs.

I'd also like to get to the farm for a VHF Contest this summer. Always hard to find the time, but its almost 2013 and the last of the good sunspot cycles, so got to make the best of Six metre DX across 2013-2014.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Echolink node back on air

after two issues,  one being interference in March, which has now been resolved, followed by the PC crashing, (do not use Windows XP for mission critical applications) we have the Echolink Node 1494 back on air. Currenlty on 2m simplex, but need to relocate it to 70cm simplex, which is in progress, plus a better antenna.