Monday, January 16, 2012

VHF/UHF Field Day Contest 14/15 Jan 2012

I didnt operate the contest, but I certainly had a listen, on 144.150 SSB, 146.500 Fm, 439.000 FM, 1294.000 FM, 52.525 FM, certainly plenty on 144.150 actiivity compared to the contest last November, I heard VK1BG in Canberra, and VK2ABP/p near Shooters Hill, not bad, considering I was listening to 2m SSB using a 1/2 wave dipole on 25m of RG58. Quite a few portable stations out, particularly up the Blue Mtns.

Heard four stations on 1294.000 FM making contacts, pretty good since I only had a Double-Quad sitting on the window sill beaming south across Sydney.

Dave VK2JDS worked VK1BG on 1296.150 which is a good haul.

I must make the effort to get organised this time next year to go up the farm and work the contest, maybe even the Spring Field Day contest in Nov.

6metre FM over Xmas break

Some good E's about over the Xmas/New Year period, I was active across 27,29 & 31st Dec.

On 27th worked VK4NT who was mobile near Ipswich via VK2RMP 53.650, VK4JV in Gold Coast via VK4RGO 53.800

On 28th worked only worked Jack VK2XQ on 52.525

On 29th receiving jack VK2XQ via the Auckland rptr 53.725, Jack was receiving it at s8 via a 1/2 wave vertical ringo with 3m of rg8, I was only receiving the rptr at s1 with 1/4 wave and 22m of rg213, at this point, I knew something wrong. This wasn't the first time, as a few weeks abck, Jack was working oen of the VK7 rptrs and I couldnt even hear it.

on 31st, started off speaking to Jack VK2XQ, he was working the Christchurch rptr 53.850, I couldnt hear it, then I was able to activate 53.700 VK4RSN, then 53.725 somewhere in VK4 (no ident), then 53.775 somewhere in VK4, (no ident), again, gave calls but no replies, then VK4RGO 53.800 , then found VK3RHV 53.625 Melbourne, but nobody around.
Then worked VK2HC and VK5RO via the Brisbane 53.725 rptr , then VK4UT via the Gold Coast VK4RGO 53.800 rptr. then found the VK4RBX rptr at the Knobby 53.925, but nobody around.

During that time, I kept hearing VK4HJS (I think it was) out at GinGin west of Bunderberg on 52.525, he was there for a couple hrs, working one after the other, 60/9 signal, whereas all the other rprts were in & out, his signal did not stray for a moment and he was working people all over VK2. I remember the same for a VK4LMB last year, up in in far north Qld being on 52.525 for a couple hrs and rock solid.

Jack was speaking to ZL's to find out that the Otago rptr should be on air, but he didnt find it, also Wellington 6m rptr should go back on air when the low band VHF TV transmitter goes off air for the digital switchover.

Also, Jack noted that 52.100 is also a good place to check out, when it gets too heavy on 50 MHz, switch to 52.100 to work the ZL's who are not permitted on 50 MHz due to restrictions against local NZ TV. Plenty ZL's sitting there looking for contacts, but who are not permitted below 52 MHz.

Noted on vlogger some good DX hitting VK & ZL for 50 Mhz, people working the U.S. and Mexico, A35 as well as E51EME was in almost all day everyday. 2013 looks promising.