Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mountain top portable

Here is a photo of the new shed for the top of the mountain, the TH3 yagi is at top, mostly out of view, with 2metre horizontal yagi for 144 MHz weak signal DX. 70cm horizontal array still attach to the old garden shed. [ Grid square QF46 ]

The shed is approximately 3m x 3.5m, includes a bunk bed, desk, chairs, and rack for the radio equipment, battery cabinet at rear, plus 800mAHr solar panel on the roof.

APRS digi to go in soon on 145.175 MHz, maybe 70cm FM voice repeater too.

6metre FM activity 30th November

a good afternoon for 6metres, found a few FM repeaters open late afternoon, after Jack VK2XQ tipped me off that the band was open, found 53.550, 53.600, 53.625, 53.750 all strong and open, gave some calls but nil responses. Later that evening found 53.775 and 53.875 open.
Seemed to be VK3, 5 & 7. The unknown was the 53.550 it was not Lismore, so must be a new repeater.