Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mountaintop portable - Oct 2011

We went to QF46 from 2nd to 6th Oct, operated on 23cm EME WSJT, my first 23cm EME contact with Bruce PY2BS in Brazil. This is the 5m dish down at the house. Tim VK4TIM came down from Brisbane.

Also did some AE contacts on 144.200 morning sked, working VK1, VK3 and VK4 over a couple days, using the 8el 2m yagi, FT-221 with Tono amp, giving approx 60w PEP, need to get some more drive from the FT-221 to get 300w PEP for next time. Contacts included VK1BG, VK1KW, VK3BJM, VK4OX, VK3DUT & VK3VFO on 144.200

And made contacts on 40m, 10m, plus worked Tim VK4TIM mobile2 on 52.525, as he approached from Dubbo to Orange, prior to that on the Coonabarabran rptr (146.800) whilst he mobile up past Gilgandra.
On 40m, worked club members VK2HL, VK2XE & VK3BQ/7on the 80m Loop antenna.
On 10m, worked T32C, I0KNQ plus others, 10m FM was useless, with wall-to-wall Indonesian fishing boats blocking most of that band, did hear a BY station on 29.600 a few times.

Did some work on antennas, added a few more basic antennas to the shed, e.g 2m 5/8th, 2m 1/4 wave, 70cm 1/4 wave for rptr usage. Fixed the 13.8v power distribution, for easier connection of xcvrs when working in the shed. New larger shed is planned.

More pics on the Flickr site. I still need to add the screenshots of the EME contact here.