Friday, May 27, 2011

Android for Echolink

One thing I noticed about this HTC (Android based) Aria phone, is that when used for Echolink using the headphones, that the audio from the Echolink side does not come out of the headphones, but comes from the speaker on the rear, although the warning tones, etc do come out the headphones.
I kept checking the settings of the phone and Echolink app to see if it was something I did wrong,
but no, after some Googling, I found another ham in UK reporting the same issue and same phone
on one of the Echolink forums, but of course nobody replied, so I contacted him, but nil reply from him, shame, as I hoping there was a fix.

so the downside is, I have android phone and a headset, but can't run Echolink when I am out
pedestrian mobile.

I looking to borrow an iPhone4, just to download the Echolink app and try it with its headphone.

Well, at least everything else works great on the HTC Android. Time to email Terry VK2KTJ as he is a Android fan.


  1. Same issue on htc sensation...also on BT stereo headset

  2. mmmm.... does not sound promising, almost forced to use an iPhone

  3. I've just discovered the fix. When in a QSO if you press the menu button(not settings) It'll give you an option "Audio Select" from there you can send the audio to the handset/speaker etc.


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