Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend wrap-up

EME, only did some pings of the moon with Dave as the moon was too far south, therefore nil opportunities for working norhtern hemisphere ie. Nth America and Europe where the majority of EME'rs are found. This would only leave Africa , Pacific and Sth America and very few EME'rs in those regions.

HF, poked around on 20metres, Bob VK2ABP was primarily on 20m working DX, uisng the TS-50s and TH3.

I tried making contact with rest of the club members on 40m & 80m sked freqs, as they were camping & 4WDing up at Coolah Tops National Park, no joy, one thing was they didnt get on 80m, so it was 40m only and they just weren't around at the time I called.

I also poked around on 2m SSB using FT817 and 8el 2m yagi, very quiet on 144.1

Did some tests on 80m, 40m & 20m with Tim VK4TIM, was heard by Tim on the 80m loop antenna on 80m & 40m, Time was very QRP so could only just make out his voice. For 20m we used the TH3 with 300w, but no contact made, although there was a T31 station in Kirrabati with solid, strongs signals on 20m for several hours.

Spent most of the time away working on clearing the scrub surrounding the mountain top, burning off a lot of chopped down trees in the direction of Sydney, next the trees on the n.e. direction need thinning too to give better takeoff to VK4 and VK2 north coast.

A new larger shed planned for the mountain top with bunk beds and more operating space, as opposed to the small garden shed, which will become a equipment shed for APRS digi, repeaters, etc.

Good wx the whole weekend, unlike Sydney where it rained.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter/Anzac holiday weekend

counting down the days until go portable DX'ing, location QF46pu (896mASL) and QF46pv, or known as Gowan which is n.w. of Bathurst NSW, across 22nd to 26th April.

Operating bands: HF, VHF, UHF, SHF
modes: FM, SSB and maybe digital modes,

Planning to make some contacts with other local MWRS club members, some of which will be also portable at Coolah Tops National Park (grid QF58) on 40m (daytime) and 80m (nightime)

check for operations.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter/Anzac holiday weekend

planning to go portable, QF46. HF, VHF, UHF & SHF activity on the drawing board.
see vklogger.

another great photo

another great photo with 23cm EME dish in foreground and what looks like a 70cm yagi and 2m yagi possibly for terrestrial DX. This is 10 min timelapse looking to the southern polar centre.

great photo

Amazing pics of 3m dishes (for 23cm operation) by Bob VK2ABP, with TH-3 for HF in the background.
One dish for EME and one for terrestrial DXing.
The red glow is from the campfire.