Monday, March 21, 2011

Mobile operation

sorted out the mobile bracket, after 3 attempts, finally came up with a bracket that suited me, made one for the 6/2/70 antenna, then thought, while I at it, make another identical bracket as a spare antenna mount, useful for 10metre operation when travelling.

Anyway, I'm back on drivetime for 6/2/70 FM

Friday, March 4, 2011

23cm operating

also thanks to Dave, I now have a 80cm satellite dish and mount that I can use for 23cm, I will now attempt to mount the double-quad antenna on the feed point and then go portable and poke it around at a few places on 23cm. I have a tri-pod to mount the dish on for portable operation.

29 MHz FM

thanks to a long time loan from Dave, I now have a TS-430s which has FM for working 29 MHz FM simplex and repeaters. Whoo-hoo 29.600 here we come, unfortuantely summer over, so not likely to get anything until next summer, when I can work the 29 Mhz FM simplex and repeaters.

What I did notice tuning around was a heap of commercial RTTY sitting outside the band above 29.700, I will have to try decoding them.

Philips PRM-80 on 70cm

Tim VK4TIM brought me some goodies, a few PRM-80's a 8010 (10channel) for my Echolink node 70cm port and a couple PRM-8020 (64 channel) for general 70cm FM usage in the shack.
Nice little slim-line xcvrs, had not seen these in person before, only from photos. Now, I'll be more active on my local 70cm rptrs.

Tim now trying to make a couple of E-bander PRM-80's work on 6m FM.

Wyong Field Day 2011

Went to Wyong last Sunday, had missed the last few due to work committments, glad to catch up with many old friends, some I hadn't seen for 5 or more years.

It was hot & sticky as usual, probably quieter in the afternoon, I think most came before 9am
and left at lunchtime.

Tim Vk4TIM came flew down to Sydney on friday night and stayed over, just so he could go and checkout Wyong FD. Tim was also able to meet up with people he had met on-air.

We went to the VK9NA Expedition post-mortem seminar, thanks Andrew and Kevin for the presentation.

Then caught up at the MWRS meeting, seeing many ex-patriot club members who were in Wyong for the field day.