Tuesday, October 5, 2010

23cm operating

Last Friday, 1st October, operated stationary mobile from Seaforth Oval, took the 23cm FM and the Double Quad antenna and 3m coax,

we been trying to do some tests out to Dave VK2JDS, on previous attempts to use this site, there has always been some sporting event on, the reason for this site, is it is high, but has a clear, unobstructed view to the west, from the carpark, the land dips away acrossd the playing field and there are nil trees to block the path, you can see clearly the Blue Mtns, there are other nearby locations that might be higher, but usually they obstructed by large trees.

For this test, Dave using his all mode for 23cm into a 3m dish, located on his mountain top at 890 m ASL, aimed at Sydney. We used 1270.000 MHz simplex, Dave first tried sending a carrier and I opened the mute on my FM rcvr to try and detect, it was hard to tell if the noise floor changed or not, so I ran 10w FM, Dave tried detecting it in SSB mode and he was successfully able to detect my carrier, so we proved it was possible over the 190km path.