Monday, April 19, 2010

91.5 Hz CTCSS standard

well, so much for the new 91.5 Hz CTCSS standard adopted by the WIA,
after recently hearing a local 70cm rptr being keyed up by a LIPD.
The funny thing is that particular rptr switched to 91.5 Hz decoding to avoid LIPDs.

What we need to do is find another CTCSS pair to use and make that the next "new" standard.

I still can't fathom why we (in VK2) are moving from the standard of 123 Hz to a new standard of 91.5 Hz, when places like VK7 use a different standard and also in VK5 they use a different
standard again.

What do we have in Sydney now? half the rptrs use 91.5 Hz and the other half still using 123 Hz,
what do we get from this ? a whole heap of unused 70cm rptrs.

23cm operating

Scanning across 23cm, found a couple people chatting on 1294.000 FM simplex freq, a VK3HDX/p2 in Neutral Bay and Vk2HGX at Hurstville, what a surprise, some more people on 23cm FM, made contact with VK3HDX/p2 good Q5 signal both ways. Not bad for an antenna sitting on my downstairs window sill.

I think I heard them or someone else on the Dural rptr 1273.500 yesterday.

I must build a phased stack of Double-Quads as an array, much better proposition to a stack of yagis on 23cm.