Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new VK2KFJ blog on Blogspot

this is a relocation of my blog on Yahoo 360, which is being scrapped on 13-July-2009 and my website at www.geocities.com/vk2kfj which is being scrapped at end of 2009.

my other website www.qsl.net/vk2kfj is still operational

below is blog entries from my Yahoo Blogs:


Entry for 14 June 2009

relocating my blog from Yahoo 360deg Blog over to here today, as Yahoo 360 is getting the axe. A bit of a shame.

This was the new BLOG site http://au.360.yahoo.com/vk2kfj

the new Blog here has no new "nice" URL like the Yahoo 360 Blog had.

(from Yahoo7! Blog)

VK2KFJ back on APRS
I now back on APRS as of 23rd May 2009, after a lengthy absence,(since 2005) where I had the TinyTrak3 and played with UIView on Wintel platforms.

Now running the TinyTrak3 with Garmin HVS-16 and Kenwood 2m h/h for mobile op.
This time I wish to configure the TT3's 2nd config area for HF APRS for country mobile activity.

Since I been active on Linux again, I now re-visiting the X based APRS software for Linux, ie XASTIR and X-APRS clients.

Eager to try these clients out on either (or maybe all) Ubuntu 9.04, Debian 5.0 and Fedora 10
Friday 29 May 2009 - 11:40AM (EST) (from Yahoo 360 Blog)

demise of Geocities.com

Found out recently about the demise of Geocities.com

in other words Geocities.com/vk2kfj/ will be turning off at end of 2009.

New BLOG site is http://au.360.yahoo.com/vk2kfj

So, I am relocating from there to here and running it as a Blog instead of a static website,
which is probably better in terms of dynamic content and providing a timeline of my activities.
Friday 29 May 2009 - 11:25AM (EST) (from Yahoo 360 Blog)

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