Tuesday, June 30, 2009

APRS update

now running Xastir APRS Client Node on Ubuntu 9.04 at home

now running UIView32 Node on W2K3 at work.

also did a test run of Xastir on Debian 5.0 at home, it works fine.
plus I did a test run of Xastir on Xubuntu 8.10, it works fine as well.

The TT3 is working well in the car, but noticed some dead spots along northern beaches not covered by VK2US-1 and VK2RAG-1. hopefully will get an iGate running at the clubsite to fill those missing spots along the beaches.

EchoLink node 1494

Node 1494 is off air at the moment, having issues with Ubuntu 9.04, WINE and Echolink with the TX Audio dropping out most of the time. Rx Audio is fine.

Trying to determine if it is the PC at fault, as this particular Dell GX240 PC was erratic with Win Xp and is slow & randomly freezes using Ubuntu 9.04 and same when it was Ubuntu 8.10

Suspect the Dell PC, as my older IBM PC works fine with Ubuntu 9.04 and runs faster.

new VK2KFJ blog on Blogspot

this is a relocation of my blog on Yahoo 360, which is being scrapped on 13-July-2009 and my website at www.geocities.com/vk2kfj which is being scrapped at end of 2009.

my other website www.qsl.net/vk2kfj is still operational

below is blog entries from my Yahoo Blogs:


Entry for 14 June 2009

relocating my blog from Yahoo 360deg Blog over to here today, as Yahoo 360 is getting the axe. A bit of a shame.

This was the new BLOG site http://au.360.yahoo.com/vk2kfj

the new Blog here has no new "nice" URL like the Yahoo 360 Blog had.

(from Yahoo7! Blog)

VK2KFJ back on APRS
I now back on APRS as of 23rd May 2009, after a lengthy absence,(since 2005) where I had the TinyTrak3 and played with UIView on Wintel platforms.

Now running the TinyTrak3 with Garmin HVS-16 and Kenwood 2m h/h for mobile op.
This time I wish to configure the TT3's 2nd config area for HF APRS for country mobile activity.

Since I been active on Linux again, I now re-visiting the X based APRS software for Linux, ie XASTIR and X-APRS clients.

Eager to try these clients out on either (or maybe all) Ubuntu 9.04, Debian 5.0 and Fedora 10
Friday 29 May 2009 - 11:40AM (EST) (from Yahoo 360 Blog)

demise of Geocities.com

Found out recently about the demise of Geocities.com

in other words Geocities.com/vk2kfj/ will be turning off at end of 2009.

New BLOG site is http://au.360.yahoo.com/vk2kfj

So, I am relocating from there to here and running it as a Blog instead of a static website,
which is probably better in terms of dynamic content and providing a timeline of my activities.
Friday 29 May 2009 - 11:25AM (EST) (from Yahoo 360 Blog)